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Our mission at Prana Mala & Retreats is to offer a unique, authentic, and bold experience into ones inner self growth through providing one of a kind classes and workshops (prana), a conscious marketplace with tools for meditation and growth (mala), as well as retreat opportunities for an extensive and profound engagement into oneself. We consider the mind to be an ocean that one must dive deeply inward in order to find true peace. By offering a tranquil setting to work on our daily mindfulness as well as opening ourselves up to possibilities to explore the world and discover excitement while maintaining that peace, we renew our sense of wonder and satisfaction with life. Join us for just a moment, a single class, or a week in paradise, and allow yourself to be moved, restored with energy and purpose. 


Our meditation & yoga classes & workshops are designed with the purpose of shifting your awareness to your inward journey. Unlike drop-in classes found elsewhere, they offer deep instruction, guidance, and depth. Stay tuned for Mantra Mondays, dharma talks, yoga meetups, inspirational hikes, and Lunar events among others. Our conscious community inspires us to teach more workshops so contact us and let us know what you're looking forward to learning!

MALA: Conscious marketplace

Each mala is crafted by hand with the utmost care and highest intention. We personally create each mala using only natural materials and the most durable silk thread. From there we form a hand-tied knot between each bead to secure themin place and reinforce their unique design and purpose. While we have a sweet spot for malas you may also find a collection of our favorite yoga mats, meditation supplies, essential oils and other conscious accoutrements. 


Come fly, soar, roam, travel, voyage, explore, discover, journey and adventure within yourself and around the world with us! Choose from any of our 20 minute Inner Peace Retreats, to any one, three, or 10 day Inspiration Journey retreats.  These journeys are intended to offer a sacred space in which to immerse oneself into their practice and encourage experimentation with lifestyle changes that promote the overall wellness of mind, body and spirit. Locations coming soon: Southern California, Zion National Park, Costa Rica, Bali, Tulum, and Thailand!