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Our mission at Antica Meditation is to offer a unique and authentic experience into ones inner self growth through providing one of a kind classes and workshops, as well as retreat opportunities for an extensive and profound engagement into oneself. We consider the mind to be an ocean that one must dive deeply inward in order to find true peace. By offering a tranquil setting to work on our daily mindfulness as well as opening ourselves up to possibilities to explore the world and discover excitement while maintaining that peace, we renew our sense of wonder and satisfaction with life. Join us for just a moment, a single class, or a week in paradise, and allow yourself to be moved, restored with energy and purpose. In addition we offer a selection of items in our online store you might find useful to  accompany your journey as you explore meditation and inner growth.


Our meditation classes & workshops are designed with the purpose of shifting your awareness to your inward journey. Unlike drop-in classes found elsewhere, they offer deep instruction, guidance, and depth.


What began as a selection of handmade meditation malas, has expanded into a selection of many more meditation tools for inner growth. Please do explore these supplies and essential oils. 


Dive Deeper. If you are thirsty for more consider one of our retreats. A retreat offers you the opportunity to dive deeper into yourself, allowing more relaxation, more insights, more pause from life and sometimes triggering a transformational awakening and transformation of yourself. Choose from any of our one, three, or 10 day  retreats.  These journeys are intended to offer a sacred space in which to immerse oneself into their practice and encourage experimentation with lifestyle changes that promote the overall wellness of mind, body and spirit. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first one to find out when we announce a new retreat.