PMR was born from a desire to help teach a deeper more subtle version of the energetic arts. While 'new age spirituality' is popping up all over the place in meditation studios and in all the yoga studios around Los Angeles, many only offer a surface experience that leaves one thirsty for more depth of experience.

PMR fills the need for the deeper experience of how to self-realize through yoga, meditation and other energetic tools. The three parts of PMR are: one part class and workshop based (PRANA) where students can come to local and ongoing classes, one part Conscious Marketplace (MALA) where one will find high quality tools to assist in the quest for inner truth in one's spiritual practice, and lastly one part intensive event options (RETREATS) from one to ten days in local oasis' and travel-worthy destinations all over the world.

Our goal is to plant the seeds of positive change in a way that brings communities of exceptional people together on a global level.  At PMR, those who wish to live and teach a conscious and meaningful lifestyle will find the supportive environment they need to explore and attain mental, emotional, and physical expansion. 




With an extensive background in dance and fitness, Natalia has always found joy in movement and endorses expression through posture as a therapeutic necessity.

"At a young age, I validated that the endorphins I experienced through ballet and gymnastics among other various activities were as important to my well-being as vitamins, minerals, and protein. I found myself feeling significantly more nourished and rejuvenated by the force of learning new routines than I did from even food and water." 

This drive for movement along with Natalia's enthusiasm for art, music, and spirituality led her to a school in the south of India where she completed a program in Yoga Philosophy, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama, Meditation and Kriyas. Now that she has returned to her home in Los Angeles she wishes nothing more than to spread the knowledge of how Yoga can change the relationship one has with themselves and to dig deeper into her own self practice which she does daily with her loving Italian Greyhound Sebastian. 

"It's a work in progress, but he has thus far perfected Savasana and has a downward facing dog anyone would be proud of !!" 

Natalia's teaching style comes from a compassion-centered east meets west philosophy. She carries no judgement over those she teaches because she believes that ALL are teachers and one can learn from any other being if only their heart is open and willing to accept the interconnectedness of all that is. She encourages healthy humility and persistence in ones growth of their physical and spiritual selves, learning first and foremost that it is always better to be kind than it is to be right. 

"If anything, yoga has taught me to leave my heart open, in and out of practice. It is only when the heart is open, that can we actualize and understand our contribution, purpose, and evolution." 





Emmanuel's life goal is to assist and facilitate in opening as many hearts on this planet as possible. Beginning to meditate at an early the age of 10 on his own, Emmanuel always sought mastery over himself rather than others. He realized early on that he was wired to function fromhis heart center rather than his mind and struggled to understand why he was different from others. Into his adult life he continued to meditate and study martial arts inorder to keep pushing the envelope and challenging both his mind, his body and his awareness. 

Since an early age, he realized there was no "one" path that everyone had to follow to realize themselves and his main battle cry in life is to teach that we do not have to follow a specific path or school of thought, but rather encourages the student to find his own path.

Emmanuel currently resides in Los Angeles where he practices Chinese and Functional medicine in his two clinics. He is also an astrologer, teaches meditation, tai chi, and martial arts.